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we’re not just here to sell you LED screens – we’re here to help you achieve business success. Let us be your partner in growth and contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive!

LED Screen Customization
Rely on our expertise that we are able to realize any creative designs into finished products and make them work for your project.
LED Control System Support
We provide technology support from web-based training to assisting making sure the LED screen mapping is configured well.
LED Display Project Follow up
Practicability evaluation, LED layout solutions, on-line or onsite installation, technical guidance and training, all value-added support.

Professional Services Bringing Your Ideas into Reality

The future is here! We’re proud to announce a revolutionary new partnership between ISG Advertising and Media and VSTAR, the biggest LED Technology manufacturer in China. Together, we’ve launched the latest tech in Egypt – LED screens that are smarter than ever before.
Introducing VSTAR LED, the most versatile LED brand available in Egypt. We offer more than 10 products made for every type of business – retail stores, hotels, corporate offices, stadiums, you name it! Every pixel you need, all in one place.
We believe the future is brighter with VSTAR LED. That’s why we’re offering amazing deals on our entire range of products. So don’t wait – take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to get ahead of the curve and make your dreams come true.
Thank you for visiting our website and being part of this journey towards a better future.

3 Year Warranty

LED Screens in Stock

761 Satisfied Customers

Even 2 Weeks Production Time

Indoor and Outdoor LED Display Solutions

VSTAR is helping many global clients from specific project owners, project contractors, distributors, wholesalers to brand owners with practical LED visual solutions. No matter your markets or scenarios, we make affordable LED screens to fit in perfectly.

Introducing our unparalleled LED display solutions!

Ultra-thin and super lightweight LED screens that display high-resolution and lively images to grab more attention from any potential audiences, so as to achieve a specific goal.

imesh is a led mesh screen with features of pure transparency, flexibility, folding, winding, susension , highlighted waterproof, anti-glare, easy installation and maintenance.


iMesh Series

Bird is a XR LED wall Virtual production with lightweight, HD LED Screen, widely used in rental market. Such as event shows,TV shows, touring concerts, concerts etc.


Bird Series

These three types of led screens make your brand more eye-catching and valuable. A new unique design with automatic brightness control light sensor and a more robust support structure.


Circular Series

This is the latest generation of interactive LED floor screens with full high definition and high refresh rate, which is suitable to display micro films and tvs.


Butterfly Series

Use it wherever you can drive it. Thanks to the open form, PlatformLED is only using as much space as necessary. As a result, it is easy to store in confined areas.


Smart Series

Transparent LED display is an innovative technology allowing you to turn your window into a digital billboard.


iClear Series

The extremely lightweight panel allows it to be attached to the building surface while minimizing the whole weight load.


iGrid Series

This is an outdoor LED billboard with high accuracy aluminum cabinet frame with flatness of <0.012mm.


Luxury Series

Flex Series is a new type of LED display composed of flexible modules. It can be used for indoor/outdoor creative designed display.


Flex Series

Our Certificates

Outstanding LED Screens You Never Overlook

Discover why VSTAR’s LED display screens are the perfect choice to enhance any environment or application with both joy and aesthetics. Here are just a few of the reasons why you can trust us to deliver exceptional quality and performance.

Bright beads with full color gamut to be better.

CE, RoHS, REACH, FCC, ELT certified power supplies.

Integrated control panel for easy setup and operation.

Ensuring the smooth image display on a flat screen.

Advanced chips give better functions and save power.

Setting up in mins and least maintenance required.

Years in LED Screens business.

Over the years, we have gained a significant amount of experience in producing LED Screens. Not only do we produce all types of LED Screens, but we can also advise our customers on which LED display is best for them based on their market.

Auto Assembly Lines

We have produced millions of square meters of LED displays in our 20,000 square meters of dust-free workshop, so we are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of LED screens.

Countries where you can find our products.

Our products are sold all over the world. Most notably, 98.7% of the products sold receive the highest testimonials from our customers to meet local standards.

// Manufacturing Ensurance

A Scaled & Modern LED Screen Factory

VSTAR owns an internal LED display factory in Shenzhen, China equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, up-to-date technologies and leading LED screen R&D abilities. Within this factory, we implement top production standards and stably yield top-quality LED screen products that are delivered globally.

Choose your market

We want to provide you with the most valuable information, so you can make a self-educated purchase knowledge that will satisfy your specific needs.

Shopping mall

Vstar Led provides best quality indoor and outdoor led screens in the shopping mall.

Smart City

Vstar Led provides kinds of outdoor and indoor led displays to bring your country colorful.


Vstar Led provides indoor and outdoor led screens with the highest resolution for education.


Vstar Led provides different pixel pitches with indoor and outdoor rental led displays for the event stage, concert,nightclub,etc.


Vstar Led provides a creative and new innovative indoor led screen for installing airports.

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