Ultra Series

LED Video Wall  are ideal for digital signage and advertising, displaying images in high resolution and large format in large public spaces or conference rooms. But they can also be used as scoreboards in sports stadiums or as presentation screens in your company’s showroom. Of course there are many other applications

Hot swapping and wireless connection

The hot swapping technology is a key point that achieves the continuous operation and uninterrupted maintenance.

High precision and strength

High contrast with Standardized design, wide applications. Perfectly Performance and 3840Hz refresh rate.

Curvature support

Inner and outer curvature can be achieved to meet your specific project requirements like a round shape.




LED Video Wall  Parameters


PIXEL PITCH P1.95 P2.5 P2.604 P3.91
Screen Size 1000x250mm or 750x250mm 1000x250mm or 750x250mm 1000x250mm or 750x250mm 1000x250mm or 750x250mm
Brightness ≥600 ≥600 ≥600 ≥600
IP Rate IP30 IP30 or IP65 IP30 IP30 or IP65
Refresh Rate 3840 Hz 3840 Hz 1920Hz or 3840 Hz 1920Hz or 3840 Hz
Max Power Consumption 800W/sqm 800W/sqm 800W/sqm 800W/sqm