Dragon Series

Naked Eye 3LED screen offers wider viewing angles and higher brightness. It does not require any special glasses or equipment to view 3D, allowing for a more immersive viewing experience.

Hot swapping and wireless connection

The hot swapping technology is a key point that achieves the continuous operation and uninterrupted maintenance.

Curvature support

Wind sensor constantly measures wind speed to sound the alarm when the maximum safe value is exceeded.




Naked-eye 3D LED Display Parameters

PIXEL PITCH P4.16 P5 P6.25 P10
Module Resolution 96×72(dots) 80×60 (dots) 80×90 (dots) 40×30 (dots)
Pixel Density 57600(dots /㎡) 40000(dots /㎡) 25600(dots /㎡) 10000(dots /㎡)
Screen size (WxH) 800×900(mm) 800×900(mm) 800×900(mm) 800×900(mm)
Cabinet Resolution 192×216(dots ) 160×180(dots ) 128×144(dots ) 80×90(dots )
Drive Method Constant current 1/6 scale Constant current 1/6 scale Constant current 1/6 scale Constant current 1/2 scale


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