FAT Series

VSTAR Perimeter LED Screen is an innovative technology allowing you to turn your window into a digital billboard, which is suitable for advertising all products and services.

Design of Perimeter LED Screen

This is die-casting design of Perimeter LED Screen with light-weight and good angle.
You also can be selecte this aluminium alloy material cabinet. which is perfect design.

Waterproof testing

We offer additional static calculations to ensure the safety of our designs. Each trailer is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 45 mph.



Perimeter LED Screen Parameters


PIXEL PITCHP4.16P6.25P8.33P10
Module Size400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm400*300mm
Screen size (WxH)800x900mm800x900mm800x900mm800x900mm
Refresh Rate1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz or 3840 Hz1920Hz
Pixel Density (Dots)57600dots/㎡25600 dots/㎡14400 dots/㎡10000 dots/㎡