Smart Series

The mobile LED screen trailer is tailored to the needs of rental agencies. From long-term experience as a vendor, we’ve designed an improved solution which can easily be towed with a tow bar and operated by a single person. Also, no platform is required for installation! This equals savings in both time and money, alternatively other solutions may require more than one person to both setup and operate.

Use it wherever you can drive it. Thanks to the open form, PlatformLED is only using as much space as necessary. As a result, it is easy to store in confined areas.



Mobile LED Screen Parameters


Module Resolution96×72(dots)80×60 (dots)80×90 (dots)40×30 (dots)
Pixel Density57600(dots /㎡)40000(dots /㎡)25600(dots /㎡)10000(dots /㎡)
Screen size (WxH)800×900(mm)800×900(mm)800×900(mm)800×900(mm)
Cabinet Resolution192×216(dots )160×180(dots )128×144(dots )80×90(dots )
Drive MethodConstant current 1/6 scaleConstant current 1/6 scaleConstant current 1/6 scaleConstant current 1/2 scale


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