Butterfly Series

 LED video floor is a kind of full-color interactive led video floor, with the strength of lightweight, flexible, easy installation and maintenance. This is the latest generation of interactive LED floor screens with full high definition and high refresh rate, which is suitable to display micro films and tvs.

LED Floor and LED Screen

Not only can it be used as an LED floor but it can also be used as an LED screen, which is very suitable for rental customers.

Support Interaction function

It is with interactive IC and thick PCB board. It can support infra-red induction display for a perfect and wonderful effect.

Super Anti-slip mask

We use a transparent acrylic mask, which has a non-slip effect, but also ensures clear video and protects the LED screen from damage.



Parameters LED Video Floor


PIXEL PITCH P2.5 P3.91 P4.81 P6.25
Module Resolution 100×100 (dots) 64×64(dots) 52×52 (dots) 40×40 (dots)
Pixel Density 160000(dots /㎡) 65536(dots /㎡) 43264(dots /㎡) 25600(dots/㎡)
Screen size (WxH) 500×500(mm) 500×500(mm) 500×500(mm) 500×500(mm)
Module Size 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm 250*250mm
Brightness 1800~2800 cd/m² 1800~2800 cd/m² 1800~2800 cd/m² 2500~4000 cd/m²