Sphinx Series

Practical Multi-scene Smart All-in-one LED screen

All-in-one LED Screen is a 16 Channels Constant Current Output LED Driving Chipset that uses Multi-level Current Technology.

One-click Projection

Support wireless projection screen, compatible with mobile phones, notebooks,tablets, remote controllers and other handheld terminal devices.

Multiple Screen size

We offer different screen sizes like 108inch, 135inch, and 162inch for your options. that also can be customized to your request size if you have large quantities.

Wireless Screen Transmission

Cross-operating System Fast ScreenTransferring and Multi-screen Sharing, Flexible Interaction, Unlimited Information.

File Management

Multi-format File Display, U-disk File Direct Reading and Multiple Files Classification, Efficient Access.



Parameters All-In-One LED Screen


Module Resolution120×135 (dot s)96×108 (dots)80×90 (dots)N/A
Pixel Density640000(dot s /㎡)409600(dot s /㎡)284444(dot s /㎡)N/A
Screen size (WxH)600×337.5(mm)600×337.5(mm)600×337.5(mm)600×337.5(mm)
Cabinet Resolution480×270(dot s )384×216(dot s )320×180(dot s )N/A
Scanning Method1/120 Scan1/96 Scan1/80 ScanN/A